— A Simple Commonmark Markdown Converter


# You've found This site is a simple tool at a memorable URL so that you can easily and quickly create clean HTML from Markdown. Its most likely use case is for you to paste its results (in the HTML tab) into your HTML- (but not Markdown-) rendering content-management system of choice. Perhaps WordPress, your employer's custom CMS, etc... It uses Commonmark, which is an attempt to standardize the jungle of Markdown versions. Specifically, this site is powered by [commonmark.js](, the JavaScript reference implementation. ## Some Markdown examples Text gets put into the `<p>` tags you'd expect. Here's a list: 1. item one 2. item two - sublist - sublist ### Fenced code blocks like GitHub Flavored Markdown too! Like: ```python x = 1 if x == 1: print "x is 1." ``` ### Blockquotes? > So says I! ## And finally... [David Hayes][dbh-site] made this, and hopes you find it useful. He works to solve interesting technology problems at [Press Up] and also just wanted to show off different ways to do hyperlinks. [dbh-site]: [Press Up]: